Nature at its best in times of covid19

The pigeons the small birds the insects seem so cheerful these days .while man is looking for shelter they are roaming fearlessly from on road to other . The sound of birds the animals it is such a pleasure to hear all of them .maybe mankind should be this true to the animals .it is a total picture what we humans are doing when we take our command on this planet just irritating everyone with the nuisance we create now allowing others our human brothers and sisters to live and not even to the animals .every being has its own life and mutual happiness of everyone is a must to be taken care of . The world will be a happy place one day and I think positivity always wins on negativity and positivity will only survive one day. Good things will happen and symbiosis will occur .a planet that i want .light will light all of us⛅🌤️☀️be positive spread positivity believe in yourself and u can light the whole world with your happiness and care 🙏

Finding my own light

While In a while I found my own light .Woohoo I can do magics with myself on my charm .never had I ever thought I would find myself one day . Searching for others to find good in them I found good in me what a lucky I want to pour my light in them who need the light to light up themselves . But it would be a way too long . Firstly to become what I want is the challenge I have and the success rate is only the input I put in then the light I find will be successful . Always looking towards the light now 🙌⛅🌤️☀️